Red Color Art Prints Meanings

Posted by Lilach Uzan on

Hanging red art prints at home or in the office can have a variety of meanings. Red is lively and vibrant. Red is exciting and invigorating. Red emits love and passion. But also anger and rage, fire, and blood.

When we hang pictures with red elements in our bedroom, it can symbolize energy, passion, potency, courage, fitness, creativity, warmth, security/assurance, love, and sex.

In healing, red is used to transport heat and burn diseases.

Red is a potent color and should, therefore, be used in moderation. A red aura symbolizes materialism, material ambition, a focus on sensory pleasures/pleasures of the body/bodily

Our base chakra is red. If you want to enhance your passion along with your sense of security, hang art prints that are rich in red.

The meaning of the color red in our home

Red is passion, success, positiveness, and vitality.

Red is a warm and positive color. An extremely physical color that attracts attention and calls for action. In psychology, red symbolizes energy, passion, action, strength, and excitement.

Red represents masculine energy, while its lighter version, pink, is more commonly associated with feminine energy. Red stimulates our physical senses such as appetite, lust, and sexual desire.

Although often used to express love, red signifies more of sexual lust and desire, as opposed to pink which refers more to romantic love.

Red is also a universal sign of danger and warning. Red can generate aggression and anger, especially if used excessively in applications.

Physiologically, red stimulates the body, including the nerves and blood flow, and raises blood pressure and heart rate.

The color red is also known to be an appetite booster and is, therefore, a great color to use in food and food-related services and products, such as restaurants and food chains.

Red excites and motivates us, but when used excessively, may cause anxiety and fatigue. Additionally, red has negative associations with blood, war, and violence.

In my opinion, the color that best balances and complements red art prints is turquoise, although either green or blue can also achieve a great balance.