Why Do We Need Green In Our Life?

Posted by Lilach Uzan on

To me, green is the air I breathe. I especially love the green nature, from the small leaves up close to the magical views of a lush forest.
The characteristics of the color green are growth, health, and life. Green encourages fertility and evolution, well being and balance of the heart chakra.
Fairy Forest
Green grants us emotional balance and arouses positive emotions like empathy, compassion, love, and non-judgment.

For people who love green, and even for those who don’t, it is recommended to learn the features of the heart chakra, as a connection or lack of connection to the color green can indicate self-work that needs to be done on this chakra.
Although known for symbolizing growth, green is not a stimulant color. According to the Feng Shui theory, green is a soothing color, therefore making it exceptionally suitable for bedrooms. In addition, it is recommended to hang bluer shades of green rather than yellow.
The color green is exceptionally good for people who engage in healing and medicine and/or are looking to connect to these professions.
Finally, for those looking to grow, flourish, and connect with nature, a greener environment will mean enhanced tranquility.